KTM SX250 / Husky 2013-2017

2017 VForce reed valve now available

Makes better  power,  use the JD jetting kit,  changing  the crankshaft mainbearings  to   one piece C4 rated bearings  adds more power and more revs.

Fitting the VH exhaust, Vforce reeds, JD jetting kit, the 2017 is the fasted 250cc engine/bike available and easy to race, very little vibrations  and  easy to maintain.

KTM SX250 / Husky 2017

The bike is lighter, better balanced , handles well and the air forks work  well!

Unfortunately the engine power is less aggressive than the earlier 250s, but the engine is much smoother with almost no vibrations.  For racing bests mods are ,fitting the Keihin 38mm  sx125 carby will wake up the engine ( need to mod the intake boot) and the HGS or VH exhausts both add usable power.  The exhaust port has some casting marks that need removing and the cylinder transfer ports have some lips that need removing. Vforce reeds are not available yet.  This bike will be easier to race in longer races, but a little slower than the 2013-2016 models in the engine department.

KTM SX250 / Husky 2013-2016

This bike is the best 250cc 2 stroke  made so far !    Pulls like a 4 stroke and doesnt  need to rev high !  Short shift  or rev it, the engine is  great.

Suspension requires work for mx,  forks need to be better.

Best engine mods-  VH pipe  makes this bike a monster!    Vforce reeds, VHM head,  mod your own carby, boring and a much better needle, or  buy a  sx125 38mm carby, and  fit the better needle and powervalve spring.

This bike is ideal for the club racer or the pro,  but for long races the rider must be fit to hang onto the intense  constance  power delivery .