KTM SX65 2016-2017 (Best 65cc Bike)

KTM65  They left the anti surge washer out from under the main jet. This causes a bad bog on landing after a jump.  The std carby needle is too rich,  buying a jet kit is best if racing.

The plastic water pump gear waers fast-  about 30-40 hours and need replacement.  The stock gearing 14-48   is fine for heavier riders, light weight riders will need a 47.   Extending the swing arm and  forks makes the bike handle better at speed, and easier to ride  ( for faster riders)  This is the best 65cc bike for racing and KTM have done a really good job on the design in most areas.  Extra power is easy to get,  bigger carby,  VH special exhaust or HGS, VHM head with powervalve adjuster, Vforce reeds  and you have a rocket!   A very exciting bike to race when mods are done.

General problems-  plastic waterpump gear wears fast,  broken powervalves.

2017 KTM SX65  Powervalve

This is a 3 piece design ( like the Nihilo type)  and can come apart .   The powervalve hits in the bottom of the port sides , this slamming down  damages the powervalve ,   But from 2017 you have a small threaded connector ( the 3rd piece) installed,  we have had this piece fall back inside the engine and cause damage. Using the VHM powervalve and the special base  is best.

Race fuel works well. Porting work adds good power. Easy to get parts in Australia.