KTM SX50 DIVI 2 SENIOR 2016-2017

The KTM sx50  needs to have the clutch speed set higher for racing MX or flat track.  The clutch will be set at about 8 clicks from the factory, and this needs to be around 14-15 clicks  to have the engagement speed of 8500 rpm  to 9200 rpm.   Use a Tacho best.   This will cause more clutch wear and more heat inside the engine, but alot more power is gained and required for racing.  The stock gearing is too low for most tracks, so  moving to 12-40 gearing produces better laps times for mx and  12-38 for flat track is better.

After changing the clutch speed and the gearing  then replacing the exhaust system  will make the engine perform much better, as the stock exhaust is designed for the stock  engine set up.  HGS special  exhausts make  very good gains in power.

Jetting for fast riders, 50 pilot and  98-100 main jet  needle on the 2nd clip , fuel screw at 2.5 turns out   works well.

General bike design problems-  clutch wear, Ignition stator failures, poor front forks, plastic water pump gear wears fast,  engine performance for racing  is  down compared to the Cobra,  the  KTM engine is still using an old  design half circle type crankshaft ,  the ignition timing is not adjustable and  the cooling system is limited.

Race fuel works well. Spare parts easy to obtain in Australia. Porting work adds good power.