El Molar Spain MX Track Info

El Molar is in the Madrid province (state) in Spain, about 9000 people (plenty of vineyards/farms). The weather is quite warm 27-33 deg in july and a very low chance of rain. Humidity 30% Elevation 700 Metres.

So carefull planning of jetting is required as its easy to be too rich here. Unleaded pump fuel, known as sin plomo 95 or 98 gasolina is available, as is VP race fuel, ETS race fuel and many others, but make sure you pre order the race fuel.

The track is a normal European type ( so its big) HARD PACK track with plenty of UP HILLS and DOWN HILLS runs. Alot of riders use moose tubes to stop puntures, as the races are longer than a club meeting. Note, some riders do not use the moose tubes here as well, but assemble your tube with powder is a great way to keep rubbing and heat down as well.