TYE JONES 2014 Queensland Champion

In front of a large crowd at Coolum motocross this year Mackay people had a reason to be proud. Tye Jones won the Queensland Championships. The Redline team rider rode the harsh sandy track with geat style. For a rider who rarely leaves his own district race tracks, Tye certainly adapted to the Coolum track well. Most riders practiced the track before the race meeting, But Tye did not. Redline racing team have said Tye has lots of natural talent . This also showed at the Australian Championship in Victoria , as he came 3rd, with engine problems, but also setting the fastest lap times there! Its a pitty TYE couldnt attend the World Championship in Belgium this year, but the family has other commitments. 2013 and 2014 has been big so far for him! Congradualtions.