2017 Jett Alsop sx65

The KTM/Motorex team rider , Australian champion, 6th in the World, KTM cup winner . What a year for Jett! Using VHM parts , HGS exhausts , the new Euro long billet swing arm and fork extentions.


2017 Australian Junior MX at Horsham Victoria

Lots of action on the hard pack black track, good to see engine measurements were done, next year engine seal tags will be used as well. The high humidity caused a few jetting issues for some tuners, but in general the weather was excellent . The race meeting was a great practice for the World championships at Horsham in 2018.


VHM rider 1st -World Championships

VHM rider 1st -World Championships. congradulations to Ivano Van Erp, VHM rider winning the 2017 65cc mx world championships, and thankyou for using Parramatta Racing parts.

17 Powerband KX65 Linkage: RM65 / RM85 / KX85.


2018 KTM SX85

The new engine has 23Hp, 26Hp with the VHM head, piston and HGS exhaust fitted and 18Nm of torque, very impressive for 85cc. later we will do some porting, and larger carby size and ignition remapping, most certainly looking for 28Hp for sure. the big improvement is the Torque, which will be great for MX racers.


Husky TC85 race bike for sale

Mod engine, special crankshaft, vhm head /piston HGS exhaust, cyl porting etc, engine has done 2 hours since rebuilding and inspection. MPE mod suspension with VHM fork extentions. Bike ran 2nd in the 2016 Australian MX championships. Tye Jones-pilot. ( fast bike) $5200.


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