NEW 2016/2017 sx125 HGS pipe

There is a new pipe available now, and the new pipe has more power.   Still using the same silencer.


VHM special pistons sx85 and sx125

On the box printed is the squish clearance. Also the piston height measurement also.   Its very easy to check the piston height against the cylinder,  if you do this the exhaust port height will be correct,  most of the time using the standard size KTM base gaskets the engine came with, you will get the correct squish and piston height.


2016 World Junior MX-Russia

Orlenock mx track in Russia is the venue for Juniors, choosen by FIM.    A large hard pack, dry, loose   hilly type track.   The track is hard to get to, even for Europeans, as bordering  countries are not safe . The track is not used at all in the European championships, and is very slippery after rain.

The medical facilities are not the best in this area of Russia either, so medical insurance/ travel insurance is a must, if you can get it! 

Travelling  road  via Turkey  is the best way in Europe, or fly into Moscow then get a flight from there.  Travelling to Russia and inside Russia is not recomended by travel consultants at the moment. 

2017 is Monte Carlo and this will be excellent,  hopefully USA will enter a team, if the FIM  make a sensible date, not close to Loretta Lynns.


KTM cylinder porting

Ktm  porting has improved so much now, its very hard to make big gains in power from porting,  the Gilardoni  cylinders would have to be the best cylinder / ports  design available.   Some port sizes appear small, but  this has been planned for better air speed,  do not enlarge any of the ports, as you will LOSE power!


John Lytras: Australian Junior Champion 2015

Congratulations to John Lytras for winning the Australian Longtrack 65cc and 85 cc Championships 2015 at Tamworth NSW. John's dad is a whiz engine tuner and the pair are a force to reckon with! VHM and HGS again, quality and performance.


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