2017 SX125 and SX250: NEW Vforce reed valves now available.

No need to modify the std KTM type anymore,  for better power, just fit the  new Vforce reeds.   Vforce reeds and a good exhaust , cyl head , and jetting kit, and you have a monster!


2016/2017 KTMSX65 Carb Needle

By far the best needle for this model is the Mikuni race needle 5N14/2. The performance improvement is extremely good. Better than any other needle we have tested.


2016 World Junior MX FUEL

Pump fuel  95-98 octane is very poor in Russia . Riders will need to use  a race fuel,  VP race fuel 98-100 unleaded can be purchased, but needs to ordered 2 weeks before the meeting, carb jetting needs to be richer to make best power, approx 2 jet sizes , testing  at home  to get jet sizes correct  is best.


NEW: 2016/2017 SX125 Vortex Ignition:

Ignition maps loaded for the new HGS exhaust.



YZ125 longer conrod

Testing has found this mod works well for mx.  using a longer conrod and  the VHM short piston and  then rebalance the crankshaft, no other mods-ports etc   are needed.    Using the Hotrod crankshaft will give a little more inertia weight, compared to the std crank.  VHM high inertia cranks are not available until  September.


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