World Championships MX: Bailey Malkiewicz replaces Caleb Grothues in the 125cc class

Bailey has a short time(2 weeks) to put together a bike in Estonia, but the Husqvarna team will make this happen.


2017 World Junior MX Australian Team

The race meeting in July 2017 is in Estonia. The track is rated a grade, so the racing will be excellent. The 65cc class is now back in, and with good cause ! Mark Willingham has a strong Australian Team.


HGS exhausts and Australian Junior MX Team 2017

HGS has again teamed up to supply new factory exhausts for the Australian junior team in Estonia. Most of the riders use HGS in Australia and have their engines tuned well with the HGS , but the newfactory HGS systems will add power. Most sponsored riders will have new exhausts fitted for the World championships.


VH Exhausts

VH Exhausts are now suppying into Australia in Bulk shipments. The smaller Belgium Exhaust company makes special exhausts in low volumes only, but the power and quality is exceptional. All riders who have track tested the Exhausts , choose the VH as the best exhaust available so far. As well as having good grunt for MX the pipes have good HP for flat track and the exhaust noise is low. very smooth exciting power, easy to race with. Belgium tracks are known for the sandy loam conditions.


Parramatta Racing W.A. Dealer

HGS and VHM parts will be available from Aussie Moto Engineering as of March 2017. Parts are being shipped in to W.A , so customers can purchase them quickly, and also get advice and help from Grant and the team. A real win for W.A dirt bike racers.


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