New Yamaha YZ65

The new 65 is now on display and has had some track tests. Riders love the bike, saying engine power is good, suspension and steering is good, so Yamaha have plenty of pre-orders already. We will be seeing quite a few Yamaha YZ65,s on the track in June, when all the stock arrives . Engine tuners in USA and Europe have them on the Dynos already.


VHM special billet pistons

These pistons work really well on the sx65 and sx85 with the cylinder height adjusted to lift the cylinder slightly, setting the cylinder height higher with the VHM pistons gives very good power gains, and hole shots.

When installing the VHM piston, call or email us and we will advise you how to get the most from this , by setting the cylinder height . This is a simple mod for extra power, note the VHM piston can only be used with the VHM head, but you dont need the powervalve adjuster or base.( unless you want to be able to adjust the powervalve, for other mods)


Yamaha YZ85 and YZ125 pricing/deals

The bikes now come with HGS exhausts and Vforce reeds when purchased and better carb needles and jetting ( included in the price). Yamaha have a price reduction and specials on for these bikes at the moment, and the deals are extremely good. Strong rumours in Europe saying the new YZ85 is almost here and maybe a yz65 . The current yz85 and yz125 with the HGS and Vforce fitted, are very good value and race ready. There are also very easy mods ( not expensive) you can do to the YZ85 to make the powerband very good for MX and Flat Track. Not having a powervalve doesnt effect this bike at all, if tuned to suit racing conditions.

The YZ85 is great to transition to from a 65cc bike, and the YZ125 has always been a rocket after adding a HGS and Vforce.


Europe weather/ heavy snow and rain over Christmas 2017

While we toured from shops to factorys in the off season, mx riders were struggling to practice, some driving to Italy and Spain for better weather, engine tuners were indoors working and testing as usual, but track testing was limited. Caleb Grothues, the Junior Australian-World Champion was training in Germany,( he lives there now) Caleb had a short spell and spent Christmas in UK, but now back to work in Germany, as a pro rider 2018 again in the European Championships. Caleb is on facebook, so give him a wave and wish him good luck for 2018 MX season.


2017 Jessie Holding and Brayden Plath (Cairns) sx65

JR motorcycle team riders from Cairns, 2nd and 3rd places Australian Championships, using VH pipes, VHM parts and stock bikes! Really well done for 2017.


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