Bosch Wiper Blades

Clear Vision Day and Night

Clear vision is critical to the safety of drivers and passengers, especially during bad weather.

Trust your vision and safety to the world's largest wiper blade manufacturer, helping motorists drive safely for over 75 years.

Bosch introduces a range of premium wiper blades and universal fit refills tailored to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Renowned Bosch quality ensures superior performance, delivering the latest in design and technology at an affordable price. Discover for yourself why Bosch wiper blades are installed as original equipment on many of the world's largest automotive manufacturers.

Bosch wiper blades and refills deliver:

  • Superior all weather performance
  • Quiet, streak free wiping
  • Resistance to environmental contaminants including UV and ozone
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation
  • Large coverage of the Australian and New Zealand market

Bosch Micro Edge Wiper Blades: The new standard in wiper blade technology

Bosch Micro Edge Wiper Blades deliver excellent all weather performance with quiet operation, clean wiping and a long service life. Featuring a patented dual rubber compound combining the advantages of natural rubber with the durability of today's synthetic technology and mounted on an aerodynamic, solid-steel frame providing maximum durability. The result is less streaking and unmatched resistance to wear from weather and corrosive elements.

Micro Edge Wiper Blades are available in sizes ranging from 380mm to 550mm, covering approximately 95% of the cars, vans and light trucks on the market today. Each package includes Bosch Quick-Clip adapters and comprehensive fitting instructions for easy installation. For simple refill replacement, choose Wiper refill part no. BMN610.

Bosch Wiper Refills: The Clear Alternative

Bosch universal fit wiper refills are available in premium metal and plastic wiper refills in popular 6mm and 8mm widths. Manufactured from 100% natural rubber, Bosch refills will provide a high level of resistance against the aging effects of Ultra Violet, ozone and other road contaminants to provide maximum performance in Australia's harsh conditions. Designed to fit Bosch Micro Edge, Original Equipment and competitive blades.

  • Premium Metal Wiper Refills: High quality stainless steel vertebrae for extended performance life.
  • Quality Plastic Wiper Refills: Polycarbonate vertebrae provides low cost quality and safety.

Clear Vision and Safe Driving

Bosch Windscreen Washer and Glass Cleaner

Bosch Windscreen Washer and Glass Cleaner ensures clear vision and improves the performance life of your wiper blades. Simply add 50ml to windscreen washer bottle or apply undiluted to a soft cloth to clean the interior glass and mirrors.

  • Removes road grime, soot and bugs
  • Conditions wiper blade to reduce wear and increase blade life.
  • Lubricates blade for quiet wiping
  • Contains long lasting bactericide / fungicide and corrosion inhibitors
  • Prevents smearing and headlight glare
  • Added super wetter improves performance and reduces spotting