Penrite Oil

What makes Penrite a Better Class of Oil?

Penrite premium engine oils are higher rated for all engine types and for all applications.

This is because Penrite premium engine oils always carry an extra ten points in the second number of the SAE rating than the industry benchmark. For example, while competitors offer only a 10W-30, Penrite produce a 10W-40 oil.

This means pnrite premium enigne oils will outperform lower-rated oils in protecting and lubricating your engine. It's just part of their commitment to making the best oil for your car.

The Extra 10

Penrite make a Better Class of Oil. Their premium engine oils always go the Extra 10 above the industry benchmark. So if the industry recommends a 10W-30 for example, Penrite make a 10W-40. That's just another part of their commitment to making the best oil for your car.

The W number on the front of the pack tells you the viscosity of the oil at start up temperature, while the second number describes the oil's viscosity at its operating temperature. All oils thin out as they get hotter. The higher the second number, the less the oil will thin out. The thicker the oil, the greater the protection for your engine. Which means less wear and greater oil flow which is good news for you and your car.

Penrite make a higher rated oil for all applications, which is why they are known for their innovation and commitment to creating superior lubricants.